domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

Sewing sequined fabrics.-

Sewing sequined fabrics is a very difficult task if we want to obtain a clean and smooth seams.

Preparing cutting studying the fabric layout. In this case, and taking advantage of the horizontal chevron pattern I placed the bust dart in one of the lines. Then marking the seam lines with basting. Before sewing, also need to reinforce neckline and armholes with stay tape or stay stitching.

Remove any sequins from the seam allowances of the fabric before sewing.-

Baste the seams on the outside and then machine sew on the inside. This is the appearance of the bust dart once sewn and finished.-

Side seans: Hand sew sequins to cover bare spots along seam line trying to recover the original pattern of the fabric as much as possible.  Neckline is finished with hand embroidered sequins strips.  Neckline and armholes seam allowances are hand-turned inwards and fastened with herringbone stitch. The lining is cut with the same pattern and held by hand stitches at the edges.-

Tips and tricks.-

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