martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Sheer fabrics (sewing tutorial).-

Sheer fabrics (gauze, georgette, chiffon), require special sewing methods so the inside looks as good as the outside. You also want to end up with a flexible seam, that molds over the bias, grain, and cross grain. One type of popular and much-used seam for these fabrics is a French seam, that works very well on straight seams, but is imposible to use on corners, curved seams, etc., and that also has the “defect” of the accumulation of layers of fabric that can be rigid. Personally, I discovered this type of seaming in the Haute Couture sewing of masters, and I would like to call attention to the ease and simplicity of these methods. Using this method, we can apply sleeves (armscyes), install zippers, and sew corners whitout any difficulty, and we gain the lightness and flexibility as well. Here is my tutorial, and I hope that you like it and it helps you with possibilities.